Helleborus delivery has been behind us for a while now. In this blog post, we look back on a season with strongly rooted, uniform young plants. And lots of new initiatives.
CHP Microflor
In these challenging times, we go that extra mile to keep providing you as growers with quality – both today and tomorrow. This blog post explains what measures we are taking.
Inti Sun PH03995
Lovable Luz, Harmony, Pink Smoothie… The names of our turbo varieties exude optimism. The promise of better things to come. In times of crisis, this is a welcome message. So how do these varieties keep their word? By guaranteeing sufficient productivity and remaining attractive despite shorter growing times. Let’s take a closer look at them!
Container Transport
Microflor groeit. Zelfs overzee. Toen vorig jaar een klant uit Costa Rica om een relatief grote lading jongplanten vroeg, waagden we de sprong. De eerste zeevracht over de Atlantische Oceaan was een feit. Opnieuw een mijlpaal voor Microflor. Customer Succes Officer Tom Raveel legt uit hoe hij dit proces in goede banen heeft geleid.
Katrijn and Amelien
Ensuring the highest returns for our clients every day. It’s been our mission for years, but this isn’t something that happens automatically. Behind the scenes, more than 350 employees work to achieve it. Two of them, Amelien Lybaert and Katrijn Derde, have recently progressed to a new position. High time for a chat with these two women!
Retirement Ronie Van Rysselberghe
Ronie in three words: warm, positive & solution-oriented. But three words are not enough to summarise a career of 41 years. We make an attempt in 41 lines.
Microflor growing smiles since 1986
Is there a causal link between Phalaenopsis breeding and a smile on people's faces? Time for the fieldwork. Where are those plants that are supposed to make you smile?"
Growing smiles since 1986
As biotech scientists, Microflor breeds , propagates and acclimatises orchids, gloxinias and hellebores. The new baseline, however, starts from the organisation's why. What drives Microflor to go for it every day? After a strategic exercise in co-creation with the employees, ' Growing smiles since...
Spot on LED-belichting
You may have noticed that the quality of our Phalaenopsis young plants has become more consistent. And consistently better. How, you ask? Well, it’s all thanks to the happy marriage that is specialised craftsmanship and scientific insight.
Ivy Lefevere (COO) en Jeroen Boon (Engineering Manager) steken de eerste spade in de grond voor de bouw van een nieuwe Helleborus kas.
Ivy Lefevere (COO) and Jeroen Boon (Engineering Manager) put the first spade into the ground for the construction of a new Helleborus greenhouse.