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Lochristi, February 29, 2024 - Microflor and Hark/Sion are joining forces and will from now on continue under the name Labeau. This strategic merger marks an exciting new phase for both companies as they jointly strive to strengthen their position as leading players in the global breeding, propagation & young plant industry.
PH03449 Purple Sunset
Phalaenopsis is a tough go-getter. But from the moment you put these plants on transport, as a grower you have no control over this. Will the orchid shed buds under stress? And what about the retailer and the customer? Can the plant deliver on the promise of 10 weeks of flowering? Microflor covers these uncertain variables by strictly testing for bud drop sensitivity as well as shelf life. A natural selection process resulting in a strong variety.
It's that time of year again. The first Christmas decorations adorn shop windows, and then the Helleborus niger cannot be missing. For growers, it is always an exciting moment to get this Christmas rose on sale at the right time. Unless they choose a Helleborus niger from tissue culture. The propagation method that Microflor has been using for years. In this blog, we explain what tissue culture entails and what advantages it offers. And especially: what it gives you as a grower.
20 years ago, the Microflor adventure started with Febe Floré. Find out more about Febe's contribution to Microflor and her vision for the future of this magnificent company in the world of plant cultivation and breeding.
Water is one of the most important production factors within ornamental plant cultivation. Water is scarce. That's why Microflor has been investing in a sustainable water policy for years. And that bears fruit. We also take our responsibility in other areas. In this blog, we look back on past efforts with one eye. With the other, we look ahead. In order to be two steps ahead of future challenges.
The best plant for our customer. At every moment, that is our driving force. How do we make that happen? By capturing and interpreting large quantities of data from our cultivation and breeding process. No wild guesses, but hard data that suggest the most profitable varieties for the customer. In this blog we explain why we do that and how.
Helleborus delivery has been behind us for a while now. In this blog post, we look back on a season with strongly rooted, uniform young plants. And lots of new initiatives.
CHP Microflor
In these challenging times, we go that extra mile to keep providing you as growers with quality – both today and tomorrow. This blog post explains what measures we are taking.
Inti Sun PH03995
Lovable Luz, Harmony, Pink Smoothie… The names of our turbo varieties exude optimism. The promise of better things to come. In times of crisis, this is a welcome message. So how do these varieties keep their word? By guaranteeing sufficient productivity and remaining attractive despite shorter growing times. Let’s take a closer look at them!
Container Transport
Microflor groeit. Zelfs overzee. Toen vorig jaar een klant uit Costa Rica om een relatief grote lading jongplanten vroeg, waagden we de sprong. De eerste zeevracht over de Atlantische Oceaan was een feit. Opnieuw een mijlpaal voor Microflor. Customer Succes Officer Tom Raveel legt uit hoe hij dit proces in goede banen heeft geleid.