In order to flourish, conditions have to be optimal. The right location, enough attention and healthy nutrition. We try to make the most of everyone’s talents.


The right location: ergonomic workplace

A safe and tailored environment. This too counts as sustainability. From back, torso and arm support to proper lighting and noise reduction. Here are a few examples:

  • 2017: Installation of a lift to remove any need for heavy lifting
  • 2018: Ergonomic and height-adjustable tables to stake orchids at
  • 2019: Driven irrigation boom
  • 2020: Relighting of workplaces and offices in Slovakia
  • 2021: Installation of sound-absorbing panels in laboratories

We also conduct workplace surveys, collaborate with prevention organisations,...

Microflor Ergonomics

Attention: psychosocial wellbeing

Focusing on something makes it grow! This has been an unwritten law at Microflor since our founding. In 2015, we even embedded it in our wellbeing policy.


We try to make sure everyone feels good here.

  • Confidential adviser for each department
  • Individual coaching
  • Flat organisational structure with plenty of scope for development
  • The message: be yourself
  • Authentic values

Coffee time

The right nutrition: health

What does a young plant need to grow? That’s right, good nutrition. The same goes for people. At Microflor, you’ll find a nutritious mix of health food (like watermelon or isotonic drinks) with the occasional guilty pleasure of a sweet or savoury treat on birthdays or holidays. Keep on smiling.


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