Inti Sun PH03995

Turbo varieties: the fastest way to higher returns

Lovable Luz, Harmony, Pink Smoothie… The names of our turbo varieties exude optimism. The promise of better things to come. In times of crisis, this is a welcome message. So how do these varieties keep their word? By guaranteeing sufficient productivity and remaining attractive despite shorter growing times. Let’s take a closer look at them!


Profitable alternative to standard cultivation

We have all felt it: life is becoming more expensive. Rising energy and commodity prices are making a serious dent in our wallet. In addition, climate change is demanding a more economical approach to fossil fuels. Consuming less energy and growing more slowly are obvious choices. But what about the end product? Will it be of the same quality?

With us, you can rest assured that it will be. By deviating from standard cultivation, you create possibilities. Faster growing equals a lower energy cost per plant, without sacrificing sales value. A winning combination for your returns. Below, we present a brief overview of the advantages of our turbo varieties.


Sustainability and profitability go hand in hand

It might sound like our turbo varieties are a brand-new product. But nothing could be further from the truth. We started developing fast-growing varieties about a decade ago. We were not just motivated by profitability for the client, but also by our concern for the climate. After all, a sustainable vision has been in our roots from the start. The time has now come to shine a spotlight on our turbo varieties!


Visually attractive and high performance

So what exactly is a turbo variety? We’ll answer that question by citing three examples.

  • Lovable Luz (PH04162): this pink turbo variety produces more than 18 buds on two stems after 17 weeks of cultivation. At this point, you will be at around 90%; with optimal cultivation techniques, you can easily achieve 100% two-stem.
  • Inti Sun (PH03995): this intensely yellow turbo variety has an abundance of flowers on each stem. After a short cultivation period of 17 weeks, this variety can easily produce 20 buds per plant, usually with two stems, sometimes even with three. With optimal cultivation techniques, you will obtain 2/3 three-stem and 1/3 four-stem plants.
  • Oceanview (PH03133): this white turbo variety produces 27 buds in 17 weeks, thanks to the numerous branches. It also has 10cm snow-white flowers and an almost exclusively two-stem habit.


Transparent product sheets as a guideline

At 17 weeks, the young plants turn into fully-grown plants with plenty of volume and flowers. That's 10 weeks less than with an ordinary variety. Note: while this is our standard, you as a grower of course determine growing times yourself. A useful guideline here is each variety’s product sheet, which lists the essential information about the variety’s cultivation process. As a grower, you can use this data to accurately estimate the number of weeks by which you can shorten the cultivation time to achieve the desired number of stems and buds.


Turbo advantages of faster cultivation

What do you gain as a grower? Firstly, time. And time is money. Here is a quick reminder of the advantages of our turbo varieties.

  • Short cultivation time of 17 weeks. That means 10 weeks less than a traditional variety. Given current energy prices, this quickly leads to cost savings of 30-40 cents per plant.
  • High-quality plants with a high two-stem percentage and an average of 20 flowers per plant.
  • A comprehensive and attractive range, with every colour represented.

The main advantage, in short, is your bottom line. As a grower, you can grow more consciously. And thanks to the detailed information on the product sheet, you can be sure of the results. We also constantly refine our selection process, so we can guarantee even more attractive plants with even greater profitability for you as a grower.


Keen to see the product sheets of these turbo varieties? Your account manager will be happy to help.