Growing smiles since 1986
As biotech scientists, we breed, propagate and acclimatise orchids, hellebores and gloxinias. Three decades of doing so has taught us one thing for sure: there’s a smile in every plant. Our inexhaustible DNA research into strong varieties really only has one goal: the smile a plant can put on a grower’s or end customer’s face.

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About Microflor

Microflor breeds, propagates and acclimatises orchids, gloxinias and hellebores. It’s what we’ve been doing for over 30 years. 

All growth starts with a single piece of plant tissue. But vigorous plants don't grow by themselves. We employ a combination of extensive research, expertise, sustainable and innovative cultivation techniques and, above all, tons of enthusiasm. The drive to grow. To get the best out of nature every day, and to give something back. It’s the only way to achieve the highest returns for our customers and partners, for our employees and for our planet.

Be inspired

Helleborus delivery has been behind us for a while now. In this blog post, we look back on a season with strongly rooted, uniform young plants. And lots of new initiatives.

CHP Microflor

In these challenging times, we go that extra mile to keep providing you as growers with quality – both today and tomorrow. This blog post explains what measures we are taking.