Microflor chooses QuickPlug Auto 40

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Microflor chooses QuickPlug Auto 40

In recent months, we have been examining various types of rooting plugs at Microflor. After a number of large-scale trials we have made our decision: the Auto 40 model from the Dutch company QuickPlug best meets our demands and those of our buyers. Quality and R&D Coordinator Arne Steelandt tells us more.

In our search for the best plug for our young plants, we have been running trials with different types including Van Der Knaap's Bookplug 2.0 and QuickPlug's Auto 40. Two batches of young plants grown in these plugs have already been delivered to customers, and a third batch will be dispatched shortly.

Uniformity in the tray

The first reactions to the Auto 40 plug from our buyers were positive. A particular high point is the uniformity within each tray. This is an important criterion because the more uniform the young plants, the easier it is to grow them on. 

Why is the growth of the young plants more uniform in the QuickPlug than in our current system? Quality and R&D Coordinator Arne Steelandt explains: “It’s because the Auto 40 plugs stay in the same tray throughout the entire growing process. That is not possible with our current system: halfway through the process, the plants must be moved from a 72-cell tray to one with 60 cells to give them more room.”

No stress during the growing period

The transfer midway through the growing process causes stress for the plants. Arne Steelandt: “After the transfer, the plants need time to recover before they can continue growing. With predictable consequences: different plant sizes within each tray. In terms of plant uniformity, the results with the Bookplug 2.0 were comparable, but the plug itself proved to be very brittle, and its hardness was a barrier to optimal rooting.”  

So as you can see, the choice of our new plug system is the result of intensive study. Our aim is to deliver all young plants in the QuickPlug Auto 40 plug from the start of 2019. We are convinced that this system will enable us to continue offering you top-quality young plant material.

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