Philippe Villepontoux

How Microflor supports Phalaenopsis growers in Brazil and Mexico

Microflor has big plans for growth in 2019. We are setting our sights on Central and South America, where Phalaenopsis growers are going all-out for quality and quantity. Find out how Microflor can play a role in helping them to develop the local market further.

In February 2019, our International Sales Manager, Philippe Villepontoux, spent two weeks in Mexico and Brazil. He visited about twenty nurseries, listening to what Latin American orchid growers had to say. His impression of the region was that it had a lot of potential and ambition, making it an attractive place for a joint venture.

Markets with potential for growth

Mexico only began breeding orchids at a professional level recently; Brazil is already considerably more advanced. Nevertheless, they had surprises in store for Philippe: “Don’t be misled: these markets might be at an early stage, but they are making rapid progress. I was impressed by the level of the growers and the quality and quantity of their products. Working together is sure to generate a lot of exciting new opportunities.”

What Microflor has to offer 

Microflor wants to facilitate a greater breakthrough for its Mexican and Brazilian counterparts. Philippe believes there are three areas where we can make a difference: 

  • The Brazilian and Mexican markets are crazy about the Phalaenopsis: our unique species appealed to growers and are bound to charm their customers as well.  
  • Our young plants and flasks are top quality. Microflor’s good reputation extends all the way to South and Central America: the ideal basis for creating future partnerships. 
  • Our years of experience mean that we have plenty of expertise to share about plug growing, fertilising and pest control. 

These ideas met with great enthusiasm from the local growers. In short: the tour was a great start to what will hopefully be a flourishing partnership with Central and South America.

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