Hellebore in the spotlight on ViV® day

The hellebore or Christmas rose is available in many different species and sizes. We have already introduced you to our two showpieces, ViV® Victoria and ViV® Valentina. In the meantime, though, we’ve been busy: we have now developed a whole host of new species, including the Valeria and the Rosa. That is why the growth of our collection was a key theme at the ViV® day in 2019. 

We work with a group of quality plant growers to cultivate the hellebores. They give our young plants the time and attention they need to grow into high-quality garden plants. Microflor invites all its partners to the ViV® day in Lochristi every year. Growers exchange information at this event about growing young plants, breeding trends, new varieties and sales. 

Impressive guest speakers

We welcomed two guest speakers this year: Nick Nieuwenhuijzen, a product manager at Royal FloraHolland, and Pieter Van De Velde from Floréac. FloraHolland has conducted a major consumer survey and Nick came to explain the results. In turn, Pieter focused on developments and trends in the hellebore market. 

Meet the ViV® Valeria and ViV® Rosa

At the beginning of 2019, we launched the first catalogue for our ViV® collection. We proudly displayed the many new species that Microflor has been developing in recent years. We would like to highlight two newcomers in this range here:

  • ViV® Valeria creates a splash of colour in the winter months with its full pink and white blooms. It flowers early and is already in bloom in November.  
  • ViV® Rosa radiates elegance and class. You can recognise it by its fresh green heart and white petals with a subtle pink blush. Rosa flowers late, from January onwards. 

Do you want to find out more about our ViV® collection? Go to www.ViVhelleborus.com for an overview of all the different species or contact us.