CHP Microflor

Microflor as a stable partner in the short and long term

We don't need to beat about the bush. When the energy crisis hits, our sector is in the front row: extremely high energy costs are putting us in trouble. In addition, low selling prices add to the problems for many of us. This puts both costs and yields under severe pressure. How can Microflor help? In these challenging times, we go that extra mile to keep providing you as growers with quality – both today and tomorrow. This blog post explains what measures we are taking.

Quality comes at a price

‘’How should we deal with today's energy insecurity?” is a question you hear across the whole floriculture sector, also at Microflor. We admit that we are considering a worst-case scenario. Not because we're born pessimists – quite the opposite, in fact. By taking proactive steps, we can keep our quality consistent. And this consistency is our trademark. Since the beginning of the crisis, we have not deviated from our growing conditions for even a minute, despite the jump in energy prices. As a result, we continue to deliver consistently high-quality plants, meaning you as a partner have no concerns about what you will receive. And we will stick with this approach for the coming period, whatever it costs.

Short-term measures

We can guarantee the perfect climate for every production site, even if gas supplies come to a temporary halt, as we have invested in extra tanks to store alternative fuels such as fuel oil and propane gas. After the adjustment of the heating systems, we can cope with a number of weeks of unexpected disconnection.

We have also gone done the path of electrification, by replacing gas-powered equipment with electricity-powered equipment. In the short term this has been done as an alternative to gas, but in the long term electrical equipment will become standard.

Long-term measures

Regardless of the rising gas prices, as a sector we need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. It is our responsibility: it's economically advantageous, and more importantly it's environmentally sound. To achieve this, Microflor is adopting a two-pronged approach.

Firstly, we will drastically reduce our total energy needs. Secondly, we are opting resolutely for electrification. This is a realistic objective if electrification becomes greener and more affordable in a relatively short period of time. We are adopting this approach on all levels. For example:

  • - Better light/electricity balance via LED lighting in the greenhouse. The advantages are greater than were originally foreseen. Thanks to this energy-efficient but very effective lighting, with Son-T the lighting hours are reduced by 25%.
  • - Energy-efficient motors and further electrification of the air conditioning, coupled with solar panels in our tissue-cultivating labs. The result? Even greener shoots.
  • - Recirculation of water. In 2018, we invested in ErfGoed floors to optimise water reuse. Today this system is working perfectly and we have cut our total water use by a third. It proves that water reuse and plant quality go together – even in extremely dry periods. We also allow excess rainwater to infiltrate the soil. This has a positive environmental effect on the whole process.

This is only the start. The bar is a high one. Our objectives? Products that are even more sustainable and even greater independence from the unpredictable energy markets.

Transforming challenges into opportunities

We know that 2023 will be a year full of challenges. But you can count on us. We will keep delivering quality products in the best conditions. And we will look to the future – because sooner or later the energy transition will come, and it is best to be at the forefront of this transition. Together, with our combined strength.