Growing smiles since 1986

Microflor makes you smile

As biotech scientists, Microflor breeds, propagates and acclimatises orchids, gloxinias and hellebores. The new baseline, however, starts from the organisation's why. What drives Microflor to go for it every day? After a strategic exercise in co-creation with the employees, 'Growing smiles since 1986' came out. CEO Febe Floré: "That smile on the face always returns. A smile on the face of growers, growers and end customers when they work with us, when they see a young plant grow into a beautiful plant, or when a plant is handed over to them at a festive moment. The pleasure of receiving, the pleasure of giving. The pleasure of growing smiles. Growing smiles. That is what we do. That is why we do it. For 35 years, we have been growing smiles. With everyone who works with us. And that is exactly what we now want to emphasise with our brand."

Logo in red and green

The logo has also been freshened up after 35 years. The dominant colours are red and green. "Red refers to our knowledge and accumulated expertise. But also the ambition and pride we have in our plants. Green symbolises warmth and cooperation, but also the desire to fly into things every day," says Febe Floré.

Continue to appeal to the right people

The most important reason for the whole rebranding exercise is the unique positioning in a sector where the war on talent is also taking place. Because Microflor also faces the challenge of remaining attractive as an employer. Both internally and externally. Febe Floré: "In a highly competitive market, we are a warm organisation that opts for research and innovation. I can imagine that this appeals to many young people, but we do not communicate this enough. With strong employer branding, we want to keep our people and appeal to the right future employees."

Refreshment of values and new tone of voice

Apart from the logo and the baseline, Microflor also sharpened up its verbal identity with a clear tone of voice, and a freshening up of the values in line with the new identity. Anyone currently working at Microflor knows that the following values are held in high esteem: Ambitius positivus, Collectivitus formidabilis, Innovatus originalis Integritus Optimus.