This is how we guarantee transparency and sustainability

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This is how we guarantee transparency and sustainability

Now more than ever, sustainable production can be a deal-breaker in business. Growers prefer working with people who are environmentally aware and who can prove their commitment to sustainability. MPS-ProductProof, a pilot project and environmental certification label issued by the MPS certification programme and Royal FloraHolland, guarantees that Microflor is implementing more clean, green and environmentally friendly practices. 

At Microflor, sustainability is not an empty buzzword or PR strategy, it is part of our DNA. “Our commitment to sustainable practices is reflected both in ambitious long-term targets when it comes to energy efficiency, and in small changes to improve waste reduction efforts and safe working conditions”, says Arne Steelandt, Quality Control and R&D Coordinator at Microflor. “Banning environmentally harmful substances is among our top priorities.” The use of pesticides and herbicides has become a particularly hot topic in ornamental horticulture. End customers expect minimal use of these products, and rightly so.  

Proven environmental management credentials

By introducing the MPS-ProductProof certification label, MPS (environmental programme for the horticultural sector) and Royal FloraHolland have provided the perfect instrument for guaranteeing transparency and sustainability. The certification mark indicates how well plant growers are performing compared to others in the industry, and this in terms of fertiliser use, pest control, energy consumption, and waste management. The label also confirms that no prohibited active substances were used in the cultivation process, and that the certified company is putting in considerable sustainability efforts. 

“Sustainable entrepreneurship has become a deal-breaker, and increased transparency on sustainable practices is now an absolute prerequisite.”

Basic principles behind the MPS-ProductProof label

MPS-ProductProof evaluates the efforts made by manufacturers, plant growers and suppliers based on two things. One is the mandatory registration within 24 hours of any plant protection products used. Two is the independent sampling that must take place for each product (group) every four years. When a product carries this label, it means that all substances used and registered are checked against MPS’s list of prohibited products. Additional checks may also be carried out at the request of buyers. 

“When asked about our sustainability efforts or the use of pesticides, we proudly refer to our sustainability label.” 

A guarantee for sustainability

Microflor obtained MPS-ProductProof certification in October 2017. Arne: “When asked about our sustainability efforts or the use of pesticides, we proudly refer to our sustainability label. We are also the first Phalaenopsis grower receiving this certification mark.”

“MPS-ProductProof is the perfect addition to our other MPS labels, which are MPS-GAP, MPS-Quality and MPS-A+”, Arne adds. “This makes Microflor the only Phalaenopsis grower complying with the most stringent sustainability requirements. These MPS labels officially recognise Microflor’s efforts in minimising our impact on the environment – they are a true reward for our hard work.”


Questions about Microflor’s sustainability policy? Read about our sustainability commitments or contact us today.