How ergonomics contributes to quality at Microflor

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How ergonomics contributes to quality at Microflor

Checking, cutting and propagating young plants is a task that requires absolute concentration. But the repetitive actions can also be physically demanding. In order to guarantee the quality of our products, Microflor places a lot of importance on ergonomics. 

People are central at all levels in the Microflor organisation. After all, they ensure that our products reach our customers on time and in good condition. This starts with the quality control of the propagated cuttings: the removal from the growing medium and inspection of the roots is carried out by hand, many thousands of times per day by each employee. Then there is the sorting by size and the actual insertion. Finally, the placement of the plant in the plug will be made even simpler for employees by the switch to the Autoplug from Quickplug, which is easier to handle and less fragile.

Eliminating external concerns

In order to carry out these actions correctly, absolute concentration is required. We therefore aim to make the work stations as comfortable and efficient as possible. This starts with eliminating all external concerns from the workspace, so that the employee can concentrate fully on the plant.

First and foremost, we ensure that the work station is properly equipped. So each employee has an ergonomically adjustable chair, a foot support and work table with different settings and all the tools required are always within reach. 

Small changes, big advantages

At the moment, a specific ergonomics project is underway for all employees of Microflor in Belgium and Slovakia. In the first phase, we are looking at whether all the equipment is being used correctly. Is the chair set to the right position? Is the foot support in the right place? Increasing awareness is essential to ensure that everyone can carry out their work in the best conditions. 

In the second phase, a number of ‘quick wins’ will be implemented: placement of foot supports, repositioning of materials, etc. All small adjustments that often represent a major benefit in terms of work comfort for the employee, and therefore for the quality of the products. Finally, a number of workspaces will be screened in detail by a prevention agency, to see how the ergonomics could be further improved in the future. In short, just like product quality, ergonomics is and remains a process of continuous improvement at Microflor.

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